Sunday Service-January 2, 2022 “Discover What God Can Do in 2022”

Discover What God Will Do in 2022

Happy New Year to everyone!  We hope that your reflections of last year as well as the celebrations for this year were meaningful and pleasant.  Pastor Lena and I are really excited about what will be taking place in 2022.  We know that God is already at work from the very beginning because we have already seen some to the great things that He has done.  For our immediate family, we are thrilled because on midnight of New Year’s Eve, our youngest daughter became engaged, and that very same morning (6:19am), our oldest daughter gave birth to our third grandchild.  How’s that for a double header on the first day of the New Year?  We are seeing growth and changes to our family that we didn’t expect to happen—all at once and at the beginning of the year.  What other great things does God have in store for us?

Discover What God Can Do in 2022 Worksheet

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