Sunday Service-June 20, 2021 “Father’s Day-Being a Man of God”

Happy Father’s Day to all our fathers.  God our Father holds a special place in His heart for every father.  He knows the importance of our roles as fathers and as representatives of His Fatherly love for His children.

But have we lost what it means to be a true father?  Are fathers given the respect and honor in society as they should?  Where are all our true fathers?

Sunday Service-June 13, 2021 “Pray For and Appreciate Our Law Enforcement Officers”

Join us in-person or online ( this Sunday, June 13, 2021, at 11:00am, for a time of Prayer and Appreciation for Law Enforcement. Officers. We will have as our special guests LAPD Pacific Division Officers, Kevin Shaw and Brianna Brown. Come show your support for these officers and all those who dedicate their lives to protect and serve. For more information on this national movement, please go to…/day-of-prayer-and-appreciation….

Sunday Service-June 6, 2021 “Derailed-Getting the Church Back on Track”

The Church has had to pivot and adapt to the changing times and restrictions.  But it goes much deeper than that.  The Church, universal, is like a moving train that has a God-given destination and purpose.  But it has been derailed through circumstances and restrictions that have prevented or slowed us from reaching where God wants us to go.  It is now time for the Church to get back “on track.”

Sunday Service-May 31, 2021 “Mission to Malta”

Brent Liebe, Missionary to Malta, will be coming to WLACC today.

Brent & Renea have been serving in the country of Malta working on church revitalization with the national church. It is a young Christian church that is still developing on an island that has a low number of Christians. Their heart is to plant an international church that shows another side of who God is. They want to show that church can be a place to form community and a place where people can build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Please join us in-person or online as we welcome Brent and hear about the missionary work in Malta.

Sunday Service-May 23, 2021 “The Impact of The Holy Spirit”

Today is Pentecost Sunday.  We are excited to celebrate this special day when the Holy Spirit came down on the apostles and gave them the power to proclaim God’s name to all nations.  In these past few Sundays, we have been studying about the Promise, the Power, and the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  Today, we will be examining the Impact of the Holy Spirit.  In particular, we will look at the impact that the Holy Spirit had on one person’s life that changed the lives of many.  Be doing this study, my hope is that we realize that the Holy Spirit can also impact us and change the lives of many around us.

Sunday Service-May 16, 2021 “The Inspiration of the Holy Spirit”

Next Sunday, we will be celebrating Pentecost Sunday, when the Holy Spirit came to the apostles and gave them power to proclaim God’s name to all nations. For these past few weeks, we have been talking about the Holy Spirit, in particular the Promise of the Holy Spirit and the Power of the Holy Spirit. Through these messages, we have learned about how we need the Holy Spirit and how God wants to empower us with the Holy Spirit so that we can be effective in impacting the world. Today, we will continue this series as we study the “Inspiration of the Holy Spirit.”

Sunday Service-May 2, 2021 “Good News for India”

Please join us for our special service on Sunday, May 2nd, at 11:00am, as we welcome Dr. George and Leela Chavanikamannil, our missionaries to India.  

Their ministry, Good News for India, was birthed out of West Los Angeles Christian Center. Come hear their story from the vision to the current works in India. Please invite others to attend in-person or online so that they, too, can be encouraged.

Sunday Service-April 25, 2021 “The Power of The Holy Spirit”

In just a few weeks, May 23rd to be exact, we will be celebrating Pentecost Sunday, when the Holy Spirit came to the apostles and gave them the power to glorify God’s name to all nations. We look forward with anticipation and excitement to celebrate this special day. But, we also have to realize that we don’t have to wait for a particular day for God to move in the same way in our midst.

Sunday Service-April 18, 2021 “The Promise of The Holy Spirit”

It is now two weeks after Easter, COVID-19 daily positivity rates hit a record low in LA County last Friday, and California is beginning to open.  We should be celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the downward rates of coronavirus, and the opening of businesses, restaurants, recreation, and other sectors of our lives.  But this is not necessarily happening because of many reasons.