Please pray for and financially support our missionaries throughout the world:


George and Leela Chavanikaminil-India
George and Leela established a world-class theological seminary, New Theological College, a dozen satellite training centers, several primary and secondary schools, orphanages, and over 450 churches in north India. George also serves as the President of Good News for India.
Steven and Jennifer Curle-Zimbabwe
Steven and Jennifer pastor a church and are working with an orphanage in Zimbabwe. They are also involved in Bible distribution and other means of evangelism.
Jeff and Barbi David-Cuba
Jeff works to strengthen the Cuban evangelical churches by providing theological and educational resources to Cuban pastors and church planters through the use of applied technologies. Jeff has created a network of learning communities in which trained mentors lead cohorts of pastors and church planters through a process of significant learning. 
David and Naomi Robbins-Japan
David and Naomi have been missionaries to Japan for more than 30 years. They have faithfully labored in this difficult field in church-planting ministry. They pastor a congregation that they pioneered in Togura, Nagano, Japan.
Kevin and Jennifer Stebbings-China
Kevin and Jennifer have been serving in China for twelve years. Kevin provides leadership development and training for local and international leaders working in China and SE Asia. Kevin assists leaders to be more effective in the harvest field. Jennifer serves among the deaf and disabled through Hearts & Hands. Together they seek to bring the life, love and leadership of Jesus to the communities in which they service.


Thomas and Gladys Ukwute-Nigeria
Thomas is a Grace International national leader. He is responsible for planting over 50 churches, a Bible School and other ministries, including a skill acquisition center for training boys and girls to become better persons in society.  He also oversees Grace International Nigeria that has over 600 affiliated churches.

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