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CarePortalHow can CarePortal connect you?

In every community, there are children and families at a point of crisis, who need help. In those same communities, there are churches and people who care and want to take action.        But what they need is a connection point.

(Interview: Care Portal SoCal Director and Culver City Chamber of Commerce CEO Colin Diaz)

Whether you simply want to take the first step to serve, or you want to rally a whole community to join you, CarePortal exists to help you make that connection.

Come join us as we meet the real-time needs of families in crisis.

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CarePortal and COVID-19
CarePortal supports a counter-surge of care in this time of crisis by bringing critical needs of hurting children, adults, elders and under-employed in your community to your attention. Caseworkers uncover the needs. CarePortal makes local churches aware, giving responders a real-time opportunity to help.

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