What We Believe

Church Beliefs

Our beliefs are simple and biblical:


1. We believe in the triune God: there are three persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) yet still only one God. Just think of an egg, which is composed of the shell, yoke, and egg white. All three substances are separate and distinct, yet together they make the egg.

2. The Virgin Birth: Jesus was conceived by His mother, Mary, by the Holy Spirit. The seed came from God and not Joseph, His natural father.

3. The Crucifixion: Jesus died on a cross at the hands of angry sinners, like you and me. His purpose was to accomplish His Father’s will of reconciling all mankind to Himself.

4. The Resurrection: Jesus rose from the dead. His resurrected life is in us because we have called on His name and been raised with Him for all eternity.

5. The Holy Spirit: God works in His people today through the Holy Spirit. Just as in the days of Acts, God continues His work in us and assures our future by giving us the transforming and life changing power of His Holy Spirit.

6.  Marriage and family are institutions ordained by the Lord God Himself from the very beginning of human history and these are sacred institutions. Marriage is between one man and one woman. Any other definition of marriage is contrary to the clear teachings of the Holy Bible and hence against the expressed will of God.