Sunday Service-December 26, 2021 “New Year’s Message—Reflections of 2021”

New Year’s Message—Reflections of 2021

In just a few days, we will be saying goodbye to 2021 and saying hello to 2022.  In proceeding forward to a new year, it is important that we reflect on the good things that God has done as well as thank Him for bringing us through what appeared to be negative circumstances or situations.  Personally, we all have different things that would fall in categories of “good” and “bad.”  As a church, however, we can reflect on common and unified experiences that God has allowed us to go through.  And so, before we start 2022, we are going to take time to look back on some highlights of WLACC in 2021.  By doing so, we will be reminding ourselves of the goodness of God in this past year and using these experiences to provide encouragement to us for the new year.

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