Sunday Service-January 9, 2022 “Discover What God Can Do in 2022-Part 2”

Discover What God Can Do in 2022-Part 2

Can you believe that we are already nine days into the New Year?  What has taken place so far?  What are we looking forward to?  What plans and goals do we have?  In these first few weeks of the year, we are doing a sermon series called “Discover What God Can Do in 2022,” in which we are actively finding out, exploring, and partnering in what God wants us to do for this year.  God is giving us road maps through His Word and other means to guide us in finding the great treasures that He has in store for us.  But just like any adventurer exploring new territory or discovering new things, such treasures and findings do not come easily but often require great sacrifices, struggles, and faith that goes beyond our many doubts.  In today’s message “Discover What Can Do in 2022-Part 2,” I have subtitled it “Out with the Old, and In with The New” because part of the sacrifice that is required to begin this journey is being able to get rid of those things that hinder or slow us down from accomplishing that which God desires.


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