Journey to The Cross-Take Up His Cross

What did Jesus really mean when He told His disciples to “take up his cross.”  In the fourth of a series of five messages called “Journey to The Cross,” Pastor Henry describes what it meant when Jesus carried the cross for us and what He expects from us when He tells us to carry our own cross.

Facebook Live Stream-Sunday Celebration, March 29, 2020, 11:00 am

Journey to The Cross-Whoever Wants

How are we as Christians remembering the sacrifices of Jesus Christ Our Savior?  Are we purposely and intently doing things which have meaning and point us to the cross or are the days of lent just like any other days in our normal life?  How does God want us to prepare and celebrate this Easter?  To give you some direction, we will be talking about “The Journey to The Cross” today and in the next few Sundays prior to Easter.

Brick by Brick

How does God want to build His church?  What does He need from us as the materials to build His Church?  He is not looking for perfectly shaped brick but bricks that have been used or broken.  He chooses to use us no matter where we have been or what we have done, cleans us up, and fits us together to make us into the Building and Body that He desires.