Sunday Service-September 18, 2022 “Benefits of Going to Church”

Today is National Back to Church Sunday, a single-day event focused on extending an invitation of the love, peace, and hope of Jesus Christ to our family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers.  In the past, we have made a big push for this event and have had mixed results from special activities and gatherings on this day.  This year, however, we decided not to focus just a one-day event but instead to encourage our members to know, understand, and share the “The Benefits of Going to Church.”  If we do not understand or experience the benefits of going to church, then how can we enthusiastically and sincerely invite others to attend.  By looking at what the Word of God says and by highlighting some of these benefits, I hope that we will have a new perspective and a greater desire and excitement to invite people to church.

Benefits of Going to Church List

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