Sunday Service-March 27, 2022 “Prepare The Way of The Lord-Part 5

“Prepare the Way of The Lord” is the theme for our church this Lenten season. As we have studied in the past few weeks, God is calling us to do specific actions to prepare ourselves and others for the anniversary of Jesus death and resurrection. These prescribed activities involve clearing the obstacles, preparing the hearts, and helping people to receive the Word of God in such a way that true and sustainable growth takes place. For the people during Jesus’ time, they had several perspectives of what a “way”, “path” or “road” meant. For some, the way was a well-travelled or established dirt path. For others, the way was a path that was buried and needed to be re-discovered and cleared. And for many others, the way was a paved highway of the Roman Empire. No matter what one thinks a way is, Jesus gives us the responsibility of clearing the path and getting the people ready for Him.

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