Sunday Service-December 12, 2021 “Advent-The Joy of Jesus”

Advent-The Love of Jesus

Are you ready for this?  There are only 13 days before Christmas and only 20 days before we start a New Year.  Time sure has gone by fast in 2021.  Hopefully, we are prepared to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  To help us to get ready, during the Sundays of December, we have been going over the various themes of Advent.  We have, so far, covered the Hope of Jesus and the Love of Jesus.  Today, we will cover Advent-the Joy of Jesus.  Let me start by asking the question, “What does the world need now more than anything else?…” A cure for COVID-19 and its variants? Employment? Money? Housing? Mental or physical health?  Good leadership?  These are all tangible and important, but they are only temporary solutions to life’s real problems.  Look at people’s faces, look at how they are responding or reacting to their circumstances, and look at what the focus has been on the news and social media.  By simple observation, we realize that we live in a troubled, complex, and confusing world.  What the world needs now more than ever is joy, especially in this Christmas season.  Specifically, we need the joy of Jesus.

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