Sunday Service-November 21, 2021 “A True Thanksgiving”

“A True Thanksgiving”

This coming Thursday, we will be marking the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving in America. Depending on which historical narrative you have heard, read, and/or believe, Thanksgiving is perceived in different ways. For many, it is a day of celebration—showing thanks for our blessings, even through adversity. But for others, it is a day of mourning—a time of grief due to loss of lives and culture of indigenous people. We cannot go back 400 years to really find out what happened on that first Thanksgiving. We may never know what the whole truth regarding this time in 1621. However, we can still use this coming Thanksgiving as an opportunity to thank God for what He has done despite our past, current, and future shortcomings, flaws, and weaknesses.

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