Sunday Service-October 18, 2020 “Changing Our World by Putting God First”

Changing Our World by Putting God First

This election is so much different than others because so much more is at stake and the delineation between what is right and wrong is much clearer than before. Steve Riggle, President of Grace International (our parent organization), recently stated “The difference between this election and all other contentious elections in the past is the lack of restraint.” Candidates, parties, media, protesters, government officials, public servants, business leaders, citizens, and even pastors, are guilty of saying and/or doing things that, in previous times, they would not have even dared to say or do. What changed things? Why do people feel that they can so freely say what they want or freely do what they want, irrespective to how it may impact others around them?


Sunday Service-October 11, 2020 “Blessed are Those Who Are Persecuted…”

In the past few months, churches have attempted to do worship and gather in many ways, with varying degrees of success and participation. But nothing replaces the in-person free worship and fellowship which takes place when we are in direct contact with one another in the Lord’s house.
This does not, however, come without cost. Churches who have chosen to take such a stand have been fined, scapegoated, and suffered other consequences because of their decision to obey God rather than man….

Sunday Service-September 27, 2020-“Call to Repentance”

Call to Repentance

Today, September 27th, has been declared Repentance Sunday and we are joining with thousands of churches throughout America in dedicating time for prayers of repentance and revival during our Sunday gathering.  This solemn assembly is being called in response to the continued division, destruction and degradation taking place throughout our land….

…We know from Scripture that when a nation is experiencing division and calamity, the Church’s responsibility is to turn to God, repent of our sins and return to our first love.

Sunday Service-September 20, 2020 “Encourage One Another”

“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful. And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.”
Hebrews 10:23-25 ESV

Sunday Service-September 13, 2020 “Warfare and Battlefronts”

We are seeing so much turmoil and conflicts in the world around us. There are so many reasons and explanations for these clashes. The tensions are not, however, just because of battles between countries, presidential candidates, parties, or whose lives matter most. What we are dealing with is an ongoing war which has three major battlefronts—spiritual, physical, and internal. How do we fight these battles and what is the war that we are fighting?

Sunday Service-September 6, 2020 “Get Up and Vote”

Get Up and Vote

  1. We are in a major spiritual battle between God’s Church and satanic forces.
  2. Major movements or protests, governmental authorities, media, and others are being used by the enemy to destroy our biblical values and religious liberties.
  3. This 2020 Election on November 3rd is the most important election of our time.
  4. We need to encourage everyone to “Get Up and Vote”…and to vote biblical values.


Sunday Service-August 23, 2020 “In The Lions’ Den”

In The Lions’ Den

Recently, we have seen the political sparring ramping up with the Democratic National Convention last week and the upcoming Republican National Convention, which starts tomorrow. Even though we may or may not be into politics, it is important that we realize what is at stake, especially with issues that concern biblical principles and foundations. No matter what the circumstances or pressures we may be facing, we need to follow God’s call and purpose for our lives, knowing that He will watch over and protect us as we are obedient to Him.


Sunday Service-August 16, 2020 “How Secure Are You in The Lord?”

How Secure Are You in The Lord?

We live in a society today in which nothing is secure or certain. Our health, our jobs, our homes, our finances—that we may have at once thought were stable—are all subject to change and often in a negative direction. How do we do we work through these uncertain times? More importantly, how secure are we in the Lord when everything else seems to be falling apart?

Sunday Service-August 9, 2020 “Persecuted but Not Forgotten”

We are seeing many instances where it appears that churches are being picked on or discriminated against by the government or by people of influence during this coronavirus pandemic.  This has resulted in churches making changes on when we gather, how we gather, and how we worship.  How does God want us to respond to those who persecute us?

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