Election 2020

Please “Stand Up and Vote” in the Election 2020 on November 3, 2020


“When the righteous increase, the people rejoice,
but when the wicked rule, the people groan.”     (Proverbs 29:2)


“Freedom is never more than ONE GENERATION away from extinction.”

(Ronald Reagan)



Here are some links to help you to prepare for the election:

Register to vote (or check your Registration Status)

Get sample ballots, voting information, candidate evaluations and more

California Voters Guides

Compare Party Platforms

Compare Party Platforms (Detailed)

Comparasión Plataformas Políticas

Does One Vote Matter? 

Biblical Voter

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Vote by Mail Information
All registered voters will be sent a vote-by-mail ballot for the November 3, 2020 General Election. Registered voters do not have to apply for a vote-by-mail ballot for this election.

  1. Fill out your ballot
  2. After you have voted, insert your ballot in the envelope provided, making sure you complete all required information on the envelope.
  3. You may return your voted ballot by mail, in person, or to a drop box
    • If you are returning your ballot by mail, it must be postmarked on or before Election Day and received by your county elections office no later than 17 days after Election Day.
    • If you are returning your ballot in person or dropping it in a drop box, it must be delivered no later than the close of polls at 8:00 p.m. on November 3rd.
    • Anyone may return your ballot for you, as long as they do not get paid on a per ballot basis. In order for your ballot to be counted, you must fill out the authorization section found on the outside of your ballot envelope.