Reopening the Church

We are excited to be able to reopen the church on December 27, 2020.  However, we are very concerned about the safety and well being of our staff, congregants and visitors.  Therefore, we will be following protocols from the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health “Protocol for Places of Worship: Appendix F, Center for Disease Control (Interim Guidance for Communities of Faith) and California Department of Public Health (COVID-19 Industry Guidelines).  In addition, our specific protocol will be posted near the main entrance of the church.

Reopening Placesof Worship Apppendix F Rev. 12/19/20

Here are the general procedures:

Protocol to Enter, Stay, and Exit the Church

  1. Enter through Front Door (Venice Boulevard) wearing a mask.  A disposable mask will be provided if you do not have one.
  2. Wait in line at designated spots (6 feet distance).
  3. Use hand sanitizer at entrance of glass doors.
  4. At table, answer all screening questions.
  5. Review and agree to follow items in CDC “Stop the Spread of Germs” poster.
  6. Once cleared, go to seat(s) assigned to you. Remain in assigned seat(s) for duration of service (except to use the restroom).
  7. When using restroom, please lock door behind you to indicate restroom is in use (one person at a time).
  8. If you have tithe and/or offering, please deposit in black boxes located at the front and back of church.
  9. When service is over, proceed to the Parking Lot Door and exit. Do not linger/fellowship either inside or outside of the church.